Jorge Lopez

Jorge Lopez

Chief Strategy Officer – The NEDD Group
Advisor – EnergyPaiges

Jorge Lopez is an energy executive with decades of Fortune 100 leadership experience with nationally recognized energy companies, navigating corporate challenges, volatile business cycles, and spearheading the development and execution of new sustainable and renewable energy businesses. His efforts resulted in triple-digit EBIT growth from operational turnarounds and growth from new products, geographic expansion, and business acquisitions.

Most recently, Jorge was president and CEO for ConEdison Solutions, a $1.4B diversified energy service company (ESCO) serving over 500,000 customers in highly competitive energy markets across the US. Jorge is credited with transforming ConEdison Solutions from a small regional provider of commodity services to one of the leading US ESCOs by expanding business lines to include renewable development for solar/wind, green energy commodity, energy services and innovative demand response products. Prior, Lopez was senior vice president of retail commodity and energy services, leading a significant expansion of the business into new market segments and geographic regions, increasing revenue by 250% and expanding new commodity markets from two to over 30 territories.

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