Soner Kanlier

Soner Kanlier

Chairman – The NEDD Group
Co-Founder & CEO – EnergyPaiges

Soner Kanlier is an entrepreneur who excels at defining connections between new insights and future strategies at crucial times. His unique insights, acute observations, and massive knowledge about business strategies in adjacent industries place him at the forefront of
rethinking how to transform a confluence of developments into actionable market strategies & enhance returns for investors.

As Co-Founder & Chairman of The NEDD Group (The Nexus of Energy, Data & Design), Soner has formulated the vision to develop four businesses – media, equity, consumers, and strategy. Soner is focused on developing innovative insights and strategies for the 4 businesses under The NEDD Group, that combined, represent the nexus of the energy industry’s future:

  • EnergyPaiges – Creating new insights by mapping signposts and data to three scenarios for the trajectory of the energy industry
  • nedd: x – Developing a new energy landscape through strategic acquisitions, assessed and led by our team of 10 seasoned energy executives
  • nedd: home – Designing a new execution platform for energy products & services, currently fragmented in the energy industry, to connect the optimal of solutions to each consumer.
  • nedd: advisory – Identifying new opportunities for companies to transition their business models to optimize the future

As the CEO of EnergyPaiges, a strategic media advisory firm which The NEDD Group acquired in 2019, Soner leads the vision, strategy, and business development initiatives. EnergyPaiges’ innovative business model will navigate through thousands of data points, developments, reports, and analysis surrounding the energy industry every day. From financial, technology, policy, to competitive developments, EnergyPaiges maps impacts and potential outcomes of converging information into clear takeaways, applied to a canvass of scenarios revealing how the energy industry is transitioning. The ultimate objective of EnergyPaiges is to give energy executives: The Power to Perceive. Power to Think. Power to Act.

Soner was previously the founder and CEO Brandywine & Associates, providing Fortune 500 and emerging growth clients with a wide range of advocacy, market research, and strategy services.

Soner was Vice President of the Competitive Energy Management Consulting practice at DNV GL (formerly KEMA) from 2012 – 2017, leading strategic advisory services for a portfolio of the largest energy providers in the US, Canada, Australia, Japan, and the UK deregulated energy markets and a portfolio of green growth distributed energy businesses serving solar, EV, and energy efficiency markets.

Soner’s strategic foresights have resulted in accurate predictions 18-24 months ahead of markets:

  • 2016: Predicted & publicly reported the “Energy Convergence” of multiple sectors (utilities, competitive retail, distributed energy, and IoT)
  • 2016: Predicted & publicly reported retail energy commodity pricing losing to utility default service pricing in multiple markets
  • 2017: Predicted a fundamental synchronization of multiple energy business models, platforms, and customer value that continues to be in early stages of implementation in the U.S.
  • 2018: Predicted an emergence of new business models, for which Soner developed scenario-based framework to gauge key signposts.

In Turkish, “Soner Kanlier” translates to “The Last Bloody Soldier” – emblematic of his perseverance in the types of strategic battles that are required in the energy industry. He is the proud dad of a precocious seven-year old son, who (like his father) asks lots of questions to explore & gain deeper understanding of things, people, and ideas.

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